Who We Are

Miles Ahead Motorcycle Training is Saskatchewan’s only Primary to Advanced Motorcycle Training provider.

We offers the highest and most comprehensive motorcycle training certification available for civilian riders in Canada. From those looking to fulfill the requirements for SGI's Motorcycle Graduated License Program, to individuals who want to attain the highest level of street riding available, we offer Advanced Motorcycle Training and Police Motorcycle Training. 

Miles Ahead Motorcycle Training is an SGI-approved motorcycle training provider and we are certified with Canadian Roadway Safety Standards. We provide Motorcycle Training Certification for new riders who are looking to get the most advanced  primary training available for their graduated motorcycle endorsements.

Our Advanced Motorcycle Training Programs are for riders looking to advance their current riding skills and experience the full potential of their motorcycle. Our advanced training is very intense and demanding for all levels of riding. Upon gaduation from our advanced rider program, students can utilize the full potential of their motorcycle and with continued practice attain the highest skill level of street riding in the world.

Our training programs have been developed in conjunction with the finest professional police motorcycle instructors in North America and are designed specificlly to meet the changing trends in motorcycle technology, traffic conditions and rider development.

Miles Ahead Motorcycle Training Instructors are all certified professional motorcycle instructors.


WHY Miles Ahead Motorcycle Training

Safe riding on todays roadway is more important then ever.  It’s not enough to just know how to handle your motorcycle, you need to be aware of how other vehicles on the road might affect you, both positively or negatively and how to respond safely.

Whether you’re a new rider or an experienced one, learning advanced handling and safe motorcycle maneuvering skills for slow speeds and road speeds enhances your confidence and personal safety while riding.

We at Miles Ahead Motorcycle Training want you to enjoy every ride and come back safely.


Our Mission: 

Offer motorcycle enthusiasts the best motorcycle training available to enhance their skills, confidence and safety awareness when riding.


Our Vision: 

To provide motorcycle operators a greater recognition and understanding of safe motorcycle handling combined with the best skill training available to safely navigate todays roadways.

Our Purpose: 

To enhance the individual skills, confidence and safety awareness of every motorcycle rider.

Our Core Values:

Respect, Integrity and Safety.

SGI Fees - Did You Know?

You have to pay a $500 driver’s licence fee to SGI when you get your 6 Endorsement (motorcycle learner’s licence) and another $500 each time you enter the next stage of the MGDL program – Novice 1 and Novice 2 – for a total of $1,500.

SGI doesn't charge a fee when you show them that you have successfully completed our SGI-approved motorcycle training courses.

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