Whether you have ridden for a number of years or have completed the New Rider Training and want to kick it up a gear, this course is for you! The Tune-Up is a transitional training course going beyond the fundamentals into levels of increased control and giving riders an introduction to advanced motorcycle training.

What you can expect to learn

The Tune-Up offers riders instruction into a variety of areas associated with motorcycle riding and safety, including (but not limited to): tactics for defensive riding, recognizing and addressing dangerous situations, handling emergencies, navigating challenging intersections, riding on various road surfaces, group riding and communication, slow speed stability, high speed mobility, and proper head and eye placement.

On-course portion

Many of the drills for this course are designed to simulate real road situations so that riders can practice tactical defensive riding. Learning to address dangerous situations ahead of time enables them to make appropriate decisions when these situations occur out on the road. Throughout the Tune-Up we will be working with students to establish the technique required for slow speed stability and maneuvering. These skills when mastered will give students full control of their motorcycle in heavy traffic situations dealing with multiple vehicles and pedestrians.

On-road portion

During this practical on-road instruction you will learn the importance of situational awareness and proper communication skills for group riding. We will explore and learn how to properly negotiate some irregular situations, challenging intersections and road structures, as well as various road surfaces while enjoying an afternoon ride with some new friends.

Why choose us?

Many of our competitors use a curriculum that was written in 1967 and adopted in Canada in 1973. We feel it is important for rider training to recognize increased traffic volumes, heightened complexities of roads and highway systems, and the constant evolving of motorcycle design. We use a curriculum written in 2016 which takes all these modern-day challenges into consideration. We take pride in the fact that we are the only motorcycle school in Saskatchewan with instructors trained and qualified to teach this program.

Miles Ahead Motorcycle Training has an expansive facility featuring one of the most advanced track structures in Canada designed specifically for motorcycle training. The size of our facility and number of expert instructors allow us to simultaneously offer multiple programs, challenging all riders regardless of experience without reducing instructor-to-student ratios, practice time on drills, or quality of instruction. Our set-up has everything from basic riding to advanced police competition drills to allow every rider to test their limits.

Saskatchewan Driver Training - Vehicles and Motorcycles

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