New Rider Training

New Rider Training

Miles Ahead's New Rider Motorcycle Training is specifically designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to ride on Canadian roadways comfortably and safely. Tailored to address the unfavourable statistics plaguing new riders, we strive to equip riders with more than just the ‘basic’ motorcycle training. Our facilities and our expertise allow us to challenge all riders new to the streets, regardless of experience, and push them to be better, more confident, and safer riders.

As part of SGI's Motorcycle Graduated License Program (MGDL) this course is aimed at those interested in obtaining a motorcycle learners/Class 6 endorsement. Upon the successful completion of the course, riders will receive an electronic accreditation linked directly to their SGI customer number as well as a physical certificate.

What you can expect to learn

Both on and off the track the New Rider Training offers riders instruction into a variety of topics associated with motorcycle riding and safety, including (but not limited to):

  • SGI licencing and restrictions
  • Protective equipment
  • Pre-ride inspection
  • Picking up a motorcycle safely
  • Motorcycle controls & operation
  • Motorcycle handling & maneuvering
  • Propper head & eye placement
  • Turning and cornering
  • Navigating Intersections & roadways
  • Defensive riding & handling emergencies
    • Emergency escape
    • Emergency evade
    • Emergency braking

Although not a primary element of the New Rider Training students may have the opportunity to get and introductory experience with Torque & low-speed stability.  

Classroom portion
Since Covid-19, our in-class sessions have been moved to an online remote learning environment. Hate online pre-recorded instructional videos? We do to, that is why all our class sessions are held by live instructors. Despite being a remote learning environment, our instructors facilitate discussion and encourage you to ask questions, because learning only happens when you’re engaged. 

On-course portion
On any given weekend our facilities can feature as many as 24 different exercises all at one time, including a complete intersection and a series of roadways. Since there are quite a number of drills it is important that individuals show up on time and be ready so that they can be formally introduced.

Once riders have been briefed, given a walk through of the facilities, and have been explained the course rules, the riders will be given instruction and demonstrations for each of the drills pertaining to the New Rider Training practical test. The practical test will take place just before the end of the course on the last day so riders will have ample opportunity to practice and prepare themselves. In addition to the exercises that riders are tested on, instructors will periodically introduce new drills to help facilitate an environment of progressive growth. Once a drill has been explained and demonstrated that drill will be available for the riders to practice for the remainder of the course.

Why choose us

Miles Ahead’s expansive facilities feature one of the most advanced track structures in the province, designed specifically for motorcycle training. This is coupled with a modern curriculum resulting from the collaborative efforts of professional driver instructors, police/civilian motorcycle instructors, and professional defensive driver instructors. Our on-course instructors aren’t just motorcycle enthusiasts either, we employ some of the highest trained traffic safety professionals in the province. It is not 1973, its time for rider training to step into the 21st century.

The New Rider Training course is $375 if you bring your own motorcycle, $500 if you use one of ours.

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SGI Fees - Did You Know?

You have to pay a $500 driver’s licence fee to SGI when you get your 6 Endorsement (motorcycle learner’s licence) and another $500 each time you enter the next stage of the MGDL program – Novice 1 and Novice 2 – for a total of $1,500.

SGI doesn't charge a fee when you show them that you have successfully completed our SGI-approved motorcycle training courses.

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