• I had never ridden a motor bike in my entire life until this course. I was so scared and nervous but the staff had pushed me out of my comfort zone. At the end of the course I was riding a motorcycle, and safely! I had so much fun the weekend I had went. This course is more than just learning but is an experience; you got to talk to knowledgeable people, share some laughs, and most of all just have fun! This course teaches you the basics, and advanced road skills and is perfect for any new or skilled rider. I can't wait to go back and take a refresh course, along with the road trip to BC they host. Thank you to the whole staff for teaching and being amazing!
    Darby D, 2021
  • Taking their basic motorcycle handling course was the best thing I could've done. The instructors were fantastic and patient with all of us, and their guidance set me up for almost 8.000 KM of fun and enjoyment on my bike in the 2 months I've been riding. I will definitely be going back for more courses and I highly recommend them for anyone wanting any kind of motorcycle training.
    Richard LeBlanc, 2021
  • It was a great course. We started Friday evening in the classroom. We learned on how to proceed getting you M licence, safety procedures, what to expect, lane blocking & positioning bikes in traffic. How to deal with certain emergency situations. Saturday morning we started out by getting our bikes out, I received my rental. Then we went over the proper way to pick up a bike if it gets dropped. We each got a chance to pic up a Road King & it was great to feel the weight & we could do it. We then started out driving & going through different drills. There were 4-5 people who hadn’t even sat on a motorcycle before so it was great to see how fast they learned. People were dropping bikes left & right but by the end of Sunday we couldn’t tell who had rode before & who hadn’t. We learned lane positioning on turns, lane changes & position, torque around the course, stops & starts, gearing up & down, emergency braking & much more. The staff was great making it entertaining & fun. The staff helped everyone when they would see them doing something not quite right or if they were having problems in an area. It was very interactive. Thank you Mike’s, Scott & Josh for all your tips & help. Look forward to many miles of riding in the future.
    Stacie & Ryan Biberdorf, 2019
  • An awesome course! The instructors were very patient with me (a new rider) + they watched carefully & told you if there was something you were doing right or wrong. They were very supportive and made positive comments on your riding.
    Melissa, 2019
  • From '0' to someone who can shift up and down, make turns, stop properly... thank you guys, appreciated.
    Steve, 2019
  • Best part of learning was follow the trainer, teaches you exactly what to do and how.
  • Awesome. Learned a-lot... Great program for new riders, definitely recommend.
  • ...this course will definitely make you a better and more confident rider.
    David, May 2019
  • Excellent experience, the low pressure training style was appreciated. Learned much more than anticipated.
    Gary, 2019
  • This course is extremely beneficial for anyone interested in getting their motorcycle licence. The techniques taught to students will be useful every time riders jump on a bike. I highly encourage enrolment in this course!
    Garsow, 2019
  • Outstanding on-bike experience, course challenged all riders.
    Kls, 2019
  • As a new rider I have learned extremely useful skills that will help me along the path of getting my licence.
    Tyson, May 2019
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